Extreme Engineering: Collection 2 Dvd Review

Entertainment Review

Extreme Engineering, which is a popular TV show on the Discovery Channel, is back on another dvd set. This two disc set, that’s almost 6 hours long, was just released in 2009. Disc 1 explores the possibilities of building things that were coined in fiction. A bridge from continent to continent, or an underwater tunnel, that has a train travel from continent to continent. Disc 2 follows real things that have been constructed and built. In each of these episodes though, you will get to see alot of building, testing, and repairment.

Disc 1: Episode List

Bridging The Bering Strait- This is about building a bridge, thats connecting from North America to Asia. However this project if ever built, would face serious problems. Money, time, and mother nature would posed the most trouble.

Tokyo Sky City- This is the idea of building a city, into a huge building that would reach the sky. This idea came together because of the limited and crammed space in Japan. This building would have everything that you see in a city. The problems facing this would be finding room, devastating earthquakes, transporting heavy material, and high rise fires.

Subways in America- The idea is to make a bigger, better, and brand new subway system in New York. This is the largest subway system in America. New York’s subway runs more then all of the states combined. The problems of building this would be weather, tunnel fires, and bed rock.

Transatlantic Tunnel- This idea gained popularity from Jules Verne’s. The idea is an underwater railway system through a tunnel. The tunnel is linked from North America to Europe. There are alot of problems to building this. The weather, underwater construction, transporting materials, drilling around volcanoes, collisions, the cost which is estimated in the trillions. They would also need a very fast train. It would have to be electric, since a diesel train would be deadly. This train would have to be really fast in order for it to be successful.

Disc 2: Episode List

Turning Torso- Built in Sweden, this shows the work being done to one of the biggest and weirdest skyscrapers. It’s like a twizzler shaped building. You get to see the construction team building there way to the top.

Millou Viaduct- Built in France, this is a six lane highway on the largest bridge of the planet. After building the bridge it still had a gap. Thanks to clever engineering the bridge was pushed to close the gap by jacks. The jacks were a problem. The construction team had to work on the jacks to make it pushed.

Big Easy Rebuild- This is the rebuilding project in New Orleans, from the damage of Hurricane Katrina. The city flooded, because of the levees and flood walls collapsed. Levees prevent water from overflowing a city, if built below sea level. The episode mainly focused on building new levees and flood walls.

Biggest Warship- This is the building of the largest Aircraft carrier known to man. This would be bigger then the Empire State Building, lying flat down on the ground.

After watching this set, it made me wish I could of follow this program from season to season. I loved how it had everything I liked, from construction, technology, science, and science fiction. This is a great buy, and I hope to pick up Volume 1 someday.