I Earn Money Writing Articles for Associated Content


There are so many online schemes for making money, and many do work but they are difficult for someone who is starting out. For example you can make money with affiliate programs, but if you do not have a website that comes up in the search rankings then you will be lucky to get enough traffic to earn a substantial income. I once had a booming affiliate website but with many corporate competitors it quickly dropped from a substantial income to some times $100 per month. Not being able to work I went on a quest looking for what I could do to earn some extra cash.

Granted my story is not one of getting rich, I am an average individual with a high school education but a way with words. You do not have to be a professional journalist to earn money writing. I soon discovered that some topics on AC would pay more than others, but if I could write articles on a topic I know and understand that would pay me even as little as $3 to $5 per article, I can write several articles in one day if it is a topic I know. In 3 days time I wrote 33 articles on gourds from germinating seeds to crafting the finished gourd and made over $100 for those 3 days.

In the process of writing articles, we, (my family), have purchased a 36 foot 5th wheel with 2 slides and moved to the Rocky Mountains and what I am earning on Associated Content is paying for our 5th wheel. We live in campgrounds and are not strapped to one dwelling in one location that cannot be moved. If we get tired of the scenery, we can hook up a truck and move to another location. We are on vacation most of the time with the exception of taking a few hours per day to write articles for AC.

Then recently I have learned a new way to earn money online by writing. It is called SEO content. If you find popular topics and are quick to write an article on them, get your keywords optimized in the article, title, description, and keywords, you can get a lot of page views quickly and Associated Content not only pays for some articles up front, but you get performance pay immediately. I wrote one article on how to make a homemade parabolic wifi reflector, fixed my keywords then submitted it to Associated Content. I got paid for the article and have almost 6000 page views in just a few short months. On a more popular topic you might pull tens of thousands of page views or more. So what did SEO optimizing do for me? If you search ‘homemade parabolic wifi reflector’, you will see my article in the number one spot. If you replace reflector with the word antenna you will see I am in forth position of the first page. I have several articles now that have over 1000 page views and my monthly page views are beginning to earn enough to make a difference to someone who is poor and cannot work, like myself.

Put it all together, I have only just begun, but already I am earning all the supplemental income I need in order to put a roof over the head of my children and my family. Almost anyone can earn money writing articles for Associated Content, maybe you can too.