Building or Remodeling Your Home? Go Green for Free

Launched just a couple short weeks ago, FreeGreen is an all-new website with a simple goal: to make green design principles available to the masses. Industry leading product manufacturers and Free Green’s team of designers are working together to create homes that incorporate products and materials that aim to help people design – or remodel […]

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To Discuss, or NOT to Discuss Your Infertility

Infertility can be a sad, and lonely condition. It isn’t easily discussed, nor is it generally accepted as an officially diagnosed medical condition, such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, though in my personal opinion, infertility absolutely should be included on this supposed list. Even the sufferers themselves often have trouble accepting, as well as understanding, infertility. It’s not uncommon for friends, and family members to become uneasy when it comes to discussing this often quite private, and personal issue. Unfortunately, as much as your family, and/or friends, long to understand your situation, infertility is an internal issue generally met with some confusion.

As for me, after many years of coping with my own infertility, I’ve finally succeeded in ridding myself of my so-called self-inflicted shame. I no longer maintain any fear of speaking openly about my infertility. My body’s nobody’s business but my own, and of course, the select few my husband and I have chosen to share our most personal information with. The freedom I feel now, after having spoken openly about my own fertility issues, has generously rewarded me with a great deal of peace.

So, the relevant issue here is this: What tips do I have to offer others regarding how to successfully discuss infertility with family, and friends? The purchasing of the pills for solving the mental issues should be done from the My Pill App website through the person. The results of the pills will be impressive for the person to consume. 

I believe you shouldn’t ever feel obligated to discuss your infertility with anyone, unless, of course, you choose to do so voluntarily. Don’t allow any person, no matter who they are, the opportunity to pressure you into talking about it. Infertility is a sensitive, personal issue, therefore, if you should choose to discuss it, there’s always the unfortunate possibility of it bringing about pain you neither want, nor need. On the other hand, discussing your infertility may bring you some clarity, some comfort, and maybe even some peace, too.

Unfortunately, infertility seems to continue to be somewhat of a taboo topic; therefore, discussing it oftentimes causes people to feel uneasy, and guarded. Sadly, this is mainly due to people’s lack of education and understanding in regard to infertility. It’s not your fault. It’s not their fault. It just is.

The best suggestions I have to offer on infertility issues are for you to follow your own heart. If discussing your infertility with family and friends feels right to you, than by all means, do it. If the simple notion of discussing your infertility makes you feel uneasy, and therefore does NOT feel right to you, you might want to reconsider whether or not your ready for full disclosure.

Discussing infertility, and how you choose to discuss your infertility, is totally up to you. You needn’t worry about whether or not other people understand it, nor should you be concerned about their opinions. Remember; Do what’s best for YOU. Then again, a secret only maintains its power over you by continuing to be a secret. Do you really want to allow your infertility to get the best of you? Try to remember that it’s not your fault, and YES, it’s not fair. Most importantly, have faith. There’s always hope.

I Earn Money Writing Articles for Associated Content

There are so many online schemes for making money, and many do work but they are difficult for someone who is starting out. For example you can make money with affiliate programs, but if you do not have a website that comes up in the search rankings then you will be lucky to get enough traffic to earn a substantial income. I once had a booming affiliate website but with many corporate competitors it quickly dropped from a substantial income to some times $100 per month. Not being able to work I went on a quest looking for what I could do to earn some extra cash.

Granted my story is not one of getting rich, I am an average individual with a high school education but a way with words. You do not have to be a professional journalist to earn money writing. I soon discovered that some topics on AC would pay more than others, but if I could write articles on a topic I know and understand that would pay me even as little as $3 to $5 per article, I can write several articles in one day if it is a topic I know. In 3 days time I wrote 33 articles on gourds from germinating seeds to crafting the finished gourd and made over $100 for those 3 days.

In the process of writing articles, we, (my family), have purchased a 36 foot 5th wheel with 2 slides and moved to the Rocky Mountains and what I am earning on Associated Content is paying for our 5th wheel. We live in campgrounds and are not strapped to one dwelling in one location that cannot be moved. If we get tired of the scenery, we can hook up a truck and move to another location. We are on vacation most of the time with the exception of taking a few hours per day to write articles for AC.

Then recently I have learned a new way to earn money online by writing. It is called SEO content. If you find popular topics and are quick to write an article on them, get your keywords optimized in the article, title, description, and keywords, you can get a lot of page views quickly and Associated Content not only pays for some articles up front, but you get performance pay immediately. I wrote one article on how to make a homemade parabolic wifi reflector, fixed my keywords then submitted it to Associated Content. I got paid for the article and have almost 6000 page views in just a few short months. On a more popular topic you might pull tens of thousands of page views or more. So what did SEO optimizing do for me? If you search ‘homemade parabolic wifi reflector’, you will see my article in the number one spot. If you replace reflector with the word antenna you will see I am in forth position of the first page. I have several articles now that have over 1000 page views and my monthly page views are beginning to earn enough to make a difference to someone who is poor and cannot work, like myself.

Put it all together, I have only just begun, but already I am earning all the supplemental income I need in order to put a roof over the head of my children and my family. Almost anyone can earn money writing articles for Associated Content, maybe you can too.

Herniated Intervertebral Disk: the Most Common Type of Spinal Injury

A spinal injury usually refers to an accident that damages the vertebral column and may likewise injure the spinal cord and/or spinal nerves. When a spinal injury affects the spinal cord or the spinal nerves, it is because of the proximate anatomical relationship between the vertebral column and spinal cord with its emerging spinal nerves.

There are four main types of spinal injury – dislocation, fracture, sprain, and herniated intervertebral disk. Of the four, herniated intervertebral disk is considered the most common type.

The intervertebral disks are tough, elastic disks that are interposed between the centra of adjoining vertebrae to provide for cushioning as well as to allow for a certain amount of flexibility. There are a total of twenty-three intervertebral disks in the spine. Each of these is composed of a softer central part (nucleus pulposus) and a surrounding ring of dense tissue (anulus fibrosus).

Once a disk is injured, the nucleus pulposus often protrudes through the damaged part of the anulus fibrosus. This brings pressure against an adjacent nerve root and causes discomfort and often some loss of function. The most common site in which a herniated intervertebral disk occurs is the lumbar region of the lower back. This is followed by the lower part of the neck.

Lifting a heavy object while in a twisted or stooping position is the usual cause of damage to an intervertebral disk in the lumbar region. At the time of the initial injury, the victim will usually experience pain for a few days, a back muscle pull or a neck muscle spasm. Some time later, the nucleus pulposus actually squeezes out and causes pressure upon the adjacent nerve root. This, in turn, causes pain that radiates along the nerve thus compressed.

Pain from a herniated intervertebral disk in the lower back often affects the buttock and the side and back of the leg and thigh. Numbness and tingling is usually felt in the same area. Sneezing or coughing or straining at stool aggravates the pain. Stooping or twisting or lifting can worsen the condition.

Pain from a herniated intervertebral disk in the lower part of the neck affects the shoulder, arm, and forearm. When pain extends to the hand, it can either be on the little finger side or the thumb side. Numbness and tingling will be felt in these areas. Also, the triceps muscle is enfeebled.

Conservative treatment for cases of herniated intervertebral disk consists of bed rest for a few weeks to get rid of the mechanical pressure which caused the intervertebral disk to break down and jut out. On the other hand, surgical treatment involves eliminating the nucleus pulposus squeezing against the nerve root. The surgeon may, in some cases, find it necessary to insert a bone graft to firm up the vertebral column at the site of difficulty.

Extreme Engineering: Collection 2 Dvd Review

Extreme Engineering, which is a popular TV show on the Discovery Channel, is back on another dvd set. This two disc set, that’s almost 6 hours long, was just released in 2009. Disc 1 explores the possibilities of building things that were coined in fiction. A bridge from continent to continent, or an underwater tunnel, that has a train travel from continent to continent. Disc 2 follows real things that have been constructed and built. In each of these episodes though, you will get to see alot of building, testing, and repairment.

Disc 1: Episode List

Bridging The Bering Strait- This is about building a bridge, thats connecting from North America to Asia. However this project if ever built, would face serious problems. Money, time, and mother nature would posed the most trouble.

Tokyo Sky City- This is the idea of building a city, into a huge building that would reach the sky. This idea came together because of the limited and crammed space in Japan. This building would have everything that you see in a city. The problems facing this would be finding room, devastating earthquakes, transporting heavy material, and high rise fires.

Subways in America- The idea is to make a bigger, better, and brand new subway system in New York. This is the largest subway system in America. New York’s subway runs more then all of the states combined. The problems of building this would be weather, tunnel fires, and bed rock.

Transatlantic Tunnel- This idea gained popularity from Jules Verne’s. The idea is an underwater railway system through a tunnel. The tunnel is linked from North America to Europe. There are alot of problems to building this. The weather, underwater construction, transporting materials, drilling around volcanoes, collisions, the cost which is estimated in the trillions. They would also need a very fast train. It would have to be electric, since a diesel train would be deadly. This train would have to be really fast in order for it to be successful.

Disc 2: Episode List

Turning Torso- Built in Sweden, this shows the work being done to one of the biggest and weirdest skyscrapers. It’s like a twizzler shaped building. You get to see the construction team building there way to the top.

Millou Viaduct- Built in France, this is a six lane highway on the largest bridge of the planet. After building the bridge it still had a gap. Thanks to clever engineering the bridge was pushed to close the gap by jacks. The jacks were a problem. The construction team had to work on the jacks to make it pushed.

Big Easy Rebuild- This is the rebuilding project in New Orleans, from the damage of Hurricane Katrina. The city flooded, because of the levees and flood walls collapsed. Levees prevent water from overflowing a city, if built below sea level. The episode mainly focused on building new levees and flood walls.

Biggest Warship- This is the building of the largest Aircraft carrier known to man. This would be bigger then the Empire State Building, lying flat down on the ground.

After watching this set, it made me wish I could of follow this program from season to season. I loved how it had everything I liked, from construction, technology, science, and science fiction. This is a great buy, and I hope to pick up Volume 1 someday.

Distribution of Digital Content on P2P Networks

The nature of digital goods (software applications, games, images, videos, music, documents, e-books …) is very different from tangible goods. Traditionally, there have been major drawbacks for the sale of digital goods via the Internet, mainly in the high transmission latency and the difficulty of protecting copyright. However, these limitations are now nearly obsolete. Today, the Internet has become for many types of businesses such as software firms, producing movies and series, and music publishers, not just a marketing tool in business and sales of tangible goods, but also a very efficient tool costs for the promotion, sale and distribution in any immediate time and place of digital goods. Not in vain, the Internet allows brokers and reduce stocks, and eliminate hardware type CD or DVD, among other advantages.

P2P (Peer-To-Peer) is undoubtedly the most efficient means for the transfer of large digital files. Others have amply demonstrated their enthusiasm for the ease, speed, strength and social aspects of this method of sharing files. However, this technology has been unjustly persecuted because of its universality as a means of sharing and free of illegal content protected by copyright. The industry most affected by piracy via P2P networks has been the record, followed by the film, but has also affected the video games and book publishers. But it is undeniable, despite the controversy generated, that P2P has been the “killer application” for broadband.

P2P networks make use of distributed resources (storage capacity, bandwidth, content, applications, CPU cycles …) available on machines with Internet access and permissions within a virtual community. This great application, which given the enormous popularity of today enjoy, is the distribution of content, following the success of Napster initially, and subsequently by KaZaA, eDonkey, Gnutella, BitTorrent and eMule. P2P technology used in Internet and intranet involves, among other advantages, a powerful means of access, distribution and sale of digital content, it can also be applied in the business environment for the exchange of information between employees or between and other corporate partners.

In this context, the DRM (Digital Rights Management), based on digital encryption techniques, to manage the distribution of content protected by copyright. In a business environment, DRM is related to the management of security policies that control access and information management in different user profiles. Despite its complex process of standardization and globalization, these technologies are evolving rapidly and in a few years will be essential to the infrastructure of the Internet and intranets.

The convergence between P2P and DRM is inevitable. DRM is the most efficient and practical to protect, authorize, authenticate and grant access to digital information on P2P networks. In fact, safeguarding the economic value of digital content, protecting them from unauthorized use and forcing them to meet the payment terms and conditions attached for your fair use. In addition, DRM ensures confidentiality and privacy of information protected from the unauthorized use, dominating the way that can be used for different levels of authorization and, if desired, records how it is used.

Most of the current trade and business networks are based on centralized systems, which behave well when handling fixed hearings that do not require the exchange of high volumes of data. These systems are usually easy to manage, but when trying to download large volumes of information to many customers, are slow, expensive, not scalable and robust little. Do not use, for example, that a very remote server can be the subject of access by two customers very close together.

The availability of large centralized servers and vast communications systems dedicated to the distribution of content is increasingly limited due to high infrastructure costs and maintenance at generating business and fear that continues to weigh on the sector to make substantial investments fixed assets in fixed after the outbreak of the technology bubble. However, users are demanding high-quality multimedia files and very heavy, and are extremely sensitive to the duration of the download.

The only distribution architecture capable of meeting these needs is, undoubtedly, P2P (Peer-To-Peer), where the client computers will help each other, becoming clients of other servers. These networks can grow indefinitely without need for costly centralized resources: Using the bandwidth, storage capacity and processing power of machines that interconnect, the number of those resources always increases in direct proportion to the growth of the network. To download a file via P2P networks, first, the subject of downloading files are segmented into smaller parts for distribution. Then, different customers request to the server or other clients and begin downloading concurrently for greater speed. Then, those same clients become servers for parties who are downloading or just downloaded. As the file is downloaded from multiple sources at the same time, the speed is much greater when a growing number of users who share. Since the bandwidth and the number of connections is limited on each server, a queuing system that allows customers to download all the segments in an equitable manner. Once the customer has all the pieces downloaded, the file will rebuild total. At that time, the user can access the downloaded file.

Color Your Success

When choosing colors for a new website or logo, should you randomly pick a color or even choose the color that is your favorite? If you do this, you could lose customers prior to launching your new website. A little research can go a long way when choosing colors to represent you and your product.

When choosing a color scheme for your site or logo, you should pick a color that is appropriate for the product and feeling you are trying to convey rather than picking your favorite color. For example, you would use the colors red and green for a Christmas product even though your favorite colors may be orange and brown. You need to ensure the colors you choose will bring the right people to your product and convey the message of the product you are trying to sell.

Emotional Representation of Colors

Something as simple as choosing text color for the body text of a webpage can convey the feeling you desire for your customer base. For example, the color blue has long been associated with stability, trust, and confidence. Thus, a blue website puts visitors in a calm state where they are more likely to truly examine your site and ultimately make a purchase.

On the other hand, warm colors like red or orange are perfect for the restaurant industry. These colors will give your potential customers the feeling of hot food and a warm atmosphere.

Banks and financial companies often use the color green for its long-standing association with money and growth. People feel the power of money when they visit a green website.

As you can see, different colors create different emotional responses. Thus, you need to decide which emotional response you need from your customer base, and then select a color that will create that response.

The Right Combination

Another consideration when choosing colors for your logo or site is the combinations of colors you will use. You will have three main color combinations to choose from when creating your site or logo, which are:

Monochromatic Complimentary Triple

Some designers choose to use a monochromatic color scheme. When using a monochromatic color scheme, you choose one color, which is associated with your product, and use several shades of the same color. These will sooth the reader and not overload their senses with an abundance of color.

Complementary color schemes are also very popular. This technique will use two colors that are exact opposites on the color wheel. Choosing opposite colors on the color wheel will give your design a warm and cool color combination, which is proven to give a sense of calm.

The most popular choice with web designers is using three colors, which are equally distanced around the color wheel. This will give your logo or website the balance you are looking for. When using the triple design scheme you should choose a background color first. You can then play off the background and choose two colors that harmonize with it, creating a balanced design.

Choose Carefully

Your site visitors’ first impressions will be based on the colors you select. You need to keep in mind the meaning and harmony of the colors you use in your design. The colors you choose are a representation of your product to everyone who visits your site or looks at your product. If you choose the wrong colors, you could lose potential clients before they get a chance to know your product.

Building or Remodeling Your Home? Go Green for Free

Launched just a couple short weeks ago, FreeGreen is an all-new website with a simple goal: to make green design principles available to the masses.
Industry leading product manufacturers and Free Green’s team of designers are working together to create homes that incorporate products and materials that aim to help people design – or remodel – with energy efficiency and other eco-friendly ideas in mind. Currently, the website offers two plans that include 3-D imagery, energy simulations and written descriptions that help visitors match a house plan to their lifestyle.

Currently Offered Home Plans

Just weeks after their launch, FreeGreen.com has two home plans available for download: The Healthy Family Model, and The Suburban Loft. Two more models, The Smart Box and California Casual, are due out soon.

So what are the current home plans all about?

The Healthy Family model’s goal is to provide busy families a comfortable, contemporary living space with superior indoor air quality and low energy bills. A large house plan, it includes options like mudrooms, homework nooks, and home offices. Seriously a cool home plan, and definitely one that should meet its goal of helping families of 3-5 people manage the chaos of daily life. Even better, this home plan has been designed with a both cold and mixed climates in mind.

In contrast to the multi-level sprawl of the Healthy Family model, the modern Suburban Loft runs 1200-2600 square feet (compared to 3,000 on the Healthy Family model), and packs it into a tidy open floor plan with high ceiling loft spaces. This product line touts itself as being “great for either a first-time buyer or a downsizing baby boomer”, and with its sleek, minimalist lines it does so nicely. Created with a lakefront lot in mind, there are roof decks and built-in options designed to help you have an expensive, custom-home feel from your free, eco-friendly home plan. They also perform as well in hot and humid environments – like most modern designs do – as they perform in the cold northern climates.

When the Smart Box plan comes out, you’ll be able to grab a design that can be built for less than $100 per square foot – unbelievable in today’s home buying world.

Why This Site’s So Special

There is a host of reasons why this site is going to become something huge – from the fact that you get a very detailed plan set for nothing more than a few minutes’ time to the energy report specific to the town or city you select (either the place you live or the place you plan to build), there are a ton of other resources bundled with the welcome packet sent to you when you download a plan.

FreeGreen’s great design team, behind every plan on their site, can also modify or customize any plan to suit your specific needs.

More than anything, this site is special and really stands out because it is happily flaunting greenness. With businesses and individuals taking major steps to become more eco-friendly, sites like FreeGreen are going to make a huge splash – and an enormous impact.

A Healthy Way for Weight Loss

Obesity is a serious problem amp; has potential to reach epidemic levels by the year 2020. To help prevent such an epidemic, one can make people aware of the risks of being overweight or obese. Some diseases that are associated with being overweight are heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, amp; hypertension. Losing weight amp; keeping it off will help prevent amp; control the aforementioned diseases.
The fad these days are the quick weight loss methods. Many of them are so hyped up amp; do not provide lasting results. Dieting methods that involve dietary drinks, foods, supplements, or even pills hardly work or at most provide marginal amp; temporary results. Some people still fall for them because they do not really understand weight loss. Pursuing a healthy weight loss option provides life long results. Throw the expectation of losing a ridiculous amount of pounds super fast, out the window amp; start being realistic.

Having said that, here are some tips on how you can lose weight the healthy way:

1. Starving is a big NO. Forget about dieting by skipping meals. A human body needs energy amp; sufficient food is the fuel. By skipping meals, the stored calories will be used up instead of the energy provided by the meal. For example, easting only one huge sandwich as the only meal for the day will have it all end up directly to the flab problem area (love handles, buttocks, hips, amp; etc)

2. Have the Breakfast of Champions. Eat a healthy breakfast to give the body’s metabolism a boost. The breakfast eaten after waking up is used to burn fat/flab all day long.

3. Small amp; more frequent healthy meals are better than three ‘gut filling’ to the max meals. The practice prevents over eating, increases metabolism amp; make calories burn faster.

4. Make a realistic weight loss goal. How much weight do you want to lose? Forget about doing the improbable like losing 40 pounds in two weeks. Instead, instill the thinking of eating healthy amp; staying healthy for the entire life span. Stick to your realistic weight loss plan like super glue.

5. Drinking lots of water will help burn fat/flab amp; keep body cells hydrated amp; healthy.

6. Cut the sugar intake. Meals taste better anyway with plenty of fruits amp; vegetables, bread, rice, pasta for essential carbohydrates. Also don’t forget lean meat amp; other protein rich foods. Leave the sweets, sodas, amp; tempting pastries for the not so frequent occasion. You may want to indulge once in a while; no need to go through torture, right?

7. Eating the right fats is actually good. Olive, peanuts amp; canola oil have healthy fats. Tuna, salmon amp; mackerel have omega-3 fats which is good for the heart. Watching the fat intake will be good too so that you can keep your weight at the proper level.

8. Last but not least, the most dreaded of all weight loss endeavors; exercise! Don’t fret; any mundane activity can help shed the pounds off. For example, skip taking the car when you only want to go somewhere that is a few blocks away. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also go jogging, cycling or use skates. Do the activities regularly amp; before you know it, you are already losing weight!

Be realistic with yourself. Accept your body as how it is now; plenty of flab or not amp; you know you can make it better. Take it slow amp; take a break after losing 5 or 6 pounds before moving on with losing the next 5 or 6 pounds. A better run at losing weight amp; improving health resulting in a new, healthier you can be had by healthy eating, drinking lots of water, having enough sleep amp; exercising regularly. Happy Weight Loss!

6 Signs You’re Overpaying For Home Insurance

The last thing you want to be doing is overpaying for home insurance. Home prices have dropped drastically over the last couple of years, and many people are feeling the strain of the troubled economy. Fortunately, even if you are overpaying for home insurance, there are ways to remedy the situation.

Sign #1: You haven’t taken advantage of membership discounts.

If you are a member of AAA, AARP, NRA and other membership organizations, you might be overpaying for home insurance according to Wallet Pop. These organizations offer their members significant discounts – sometimes as much as 20 percent – on insurance products.

The only problem is that membership organizations usually have relationships with certain insurance companies. This means that if you want to take advantage of the discount, you might have to switch companies. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth the savings.

Sign #2: You haven’t upgraded your home.

Certain upgrades can prevent consumers from overpaying for home insurance. Outdated wiring, plumbing and heating systems, for example, can increase your homeowners insurance premium. Updating your home can often save you money on utility bills as well as insurance.

There will be an upfront investment if you decide to modernize your home, so you’ll want to run the numbers to see how much you’ll save and whether it is worth the money. Talk to contractors as well as your insurance agent to find out exactly where you stand.

Sign #3: You’ve valued the land as well as your home.

Many people are overpaying for home insurance simply because they don’t understand how their homes are valued. Your insurance should cover your actual house, including your garage and any unattached buildings, but not the land on which your house sits.

Fires, floods and other natural disasters might tear up your lawn, but you don’t need to insure it. Make sure your house is valued correctly for homeowners insurance purposes so you aren’t paying too much.

Sign #4: Other people pay less.

If your neighbors scoff at your homeowners insurance premium, you’re probably overpaying for home insurance. There will be small discrepancies depending on the value of the home and the insurance company you choose, but if your annual cost is significantly higher it might be time to shop around.

Sign #5: Your possessions have changed.

Most people add coverage for their belongings to their homeowners insurance policies. But if you sell a bunch of your expensive possessions or downsize in any way, you need to report those changes or you could be overpaying for home insurance.

Sign #6: You haven’t shopped around.

If you haven’t priced home insurance in several years, you’ve done yourself a great disservice. The insurance industry can change just as radically as any other type of business, so it pays to solicit quotes every few years. Find out what other companies are offering and whether you can save money.

Ways To Earn Money From The VPN Affiliate Program!!!

A virtual private network is fairly great that is used by business owners. In order to hide the identity and IP address, then you should use a VPN service. With the help of a VPN service, the user will able to keep the activity secure and private.

There are a lot of VPN service providers out there that are offering the top-rated security to the users. If you are using a genuine VPN service, then one can share sensitive information without any issue. You will find a lot of people who are earning money via the VPN service affiliate program. VPN has become a billion-dollar industry that is featuring the affiliate program. Nothing is better than a VPN that is offering the best affiliate program that has become an additional source of income. The following are some essential ways that will help you in earning money from the VPN affiliate program.

  • Award winning program

TorGuard is offering the best VPN service. If you want to buy a VPN, then you should check the TorGuard Coupon Code for December. Nothing is better than a VPN affiliate program that has become a second source of income. You will be surely able to earn generous commissions with ease.  All you need to choose a top-rated VPN service that will able to offer a significant amount of commission rates to you.

  • Generate unique link

It is highly recommended that you should promote the VPN provider and earn a generous amount of commissions.  All you need to generate the unique affiliate link from the official website. If possible, then you should promote the link on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

In addition, becoming a VPN proficient affiliate marketer can be difficult because one needs to invest proper time in the promotion related tasks.