Color Your Success


When choosing colors for a new website or logo, should you randomly pick a color or even choose the color that is your favorite? If you do this, you could lose customers prior to launching your new website. A little research can go a long way when choosing colors to represent you and your product.

When choosing a color scheme for your site or logo, you should pick a color that is appropriate for the product and feeling you are trying to convey rather than picking your favorite color. For example, you would use the colors red and green for a Christmas product even though your favorite colors may be orange and brown. You need to ensure the colors you choose will bring the right people to your product and convey the message of the product you are trying to sell.

Emotional Representation of Colors

Something as simple as choosing text color for the body text of a webpage can convey the feeling you desire for your customer base. For example, the color blue has long been associated with stability, trust, and confidence. Thus, a blue website puts visitors in a calm state where they are more likely to truly examine your site and ultimately make a purchase.

On the other hand, warm colors like red or orange are perfect for the restaurant industry. These colors will give your potential customers the feeling of hot food and a warm atmosphere.

Banks and financial companies often use the color green for its long-standing association with money and growth. People feel the power of money when they visit a green website.

As you can see, different colors create different emotional responses. Thus, you need to decide which emotional response you need from your customer base, and then select a color that will create that response.

The Right Combination

Another consideration when choosing colors for your logo or site is the combinations of colors you will use. You will have three main color combinations to choose from when creating your site or logo, which are:

Monochromatic Complimentary Triple

Some designers choose to use a monochromatic color scheme. When using a monochromatic color scheme, you choose one color, which is associated with your product, and use several shades of the same color. These will sooth the reader and not overload their senses with an abundance of color.

Complementary color schemes are also very popular. This technique will use two colors that are exact opposites on the color wheel. Choosing opposite colors on the color wheel will give your design a warm and cool color combination, which is proven to give a sense of calm.

The most popular choice with web designers is using three colors, which are equally distanced around the color wheel. This will give your logo or website the balance you are looking for. When using the triple design scheme you should choose a background color first. You can then play off the background and choose two colors that harmonize with it, creating a balanced design.

Choose Carefully

Your site visitors’ first impressions will be based on the colors you select. You need to keep in mind the meaning and harmony of the colors you use in your design. The colors you choose are a representation of your product to everyone who visits your site or looks at your product. If you choose the wrong colors, you could lose potential clients before they get a chance to know your product.