To Discuss, or NOT to Discuss Your Infertility


Infertility can be a sad, and lonely condition. It isn’t easily discussed, nor is it generally accepted as an officially diagnosed medical condition, such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, though in my personal opinion, infertility absolutely should be included on this supposed list. Even the sufferers themselves often have trouble accepting, as well as understanding, infertility. It’s not uncommon for friends, and family members to become uneasy when it comes to discussing this often quite private, and personal issue. Unfortunately, as much as your family, and/or friends, long to understand your situation, infertility is an internal issue generally met with some confusion.

As for me, after many years of coping with my own infertility, I’ve finally succeeded in ridding myself of my so-called self-inflicted shame. I no longer maintain any fear of speaking openly about my infertility. My body’s nobody’s business but my own, and of course, the select few my husband and I have chosen to share our most personal information with. The freedom I feel now, after having spoken openly about my own fertility issues, has generously rewarded me with a great deal of peace.

So, the relevant issue here is this: What tips do I have to offer others regarding how to successfully discuss infertility with family, and friends? The purchasing of the pills for solving the mental issues should be done from the My Pill App website through the person. The results of the pills will be impressive for the person to consume. 

I believe you shouldn’t ever feel obligated to discuss your infertility with anyone, unless, of course, you choose to do so voluntarily. Don’t allow any person, no matter who they are, the opportunity to pressure you into talking about it. Infertility is a sensitive, personal issue, therefore, if you should choose to discuss it, there’s always the unfortunate possibility of it bringing about pain you neither want, nor need. On the other hand, discussing your infertility may bring you some clarity, some comfort, and maybe even some peace, too.

Unfortunately, infertility seems to continue to be somewhat of a taboo topic; therefore, discussing it oftentimes causes people to feel uneasy, and guarded. Sadly, this is mainly due to people’s lack of education and understanding in regard to infertility. It’s not your fault. It’s not their fault. It just is.

The best suggestions I have to offer on infertility issues are for you to follow your own heart. If discussing your infertility with family and friends feels right to you, than by all means, do it. If the simple notion of discussing your infertility makes you feel uneasy, and therefore does NOT feel right to you, you might want to reconsider whether or not your ready for full disclosure.

Discussing infertility, and how you choose to discuss your infertility, is totally up to you. You needn’t worry about whether or not other people understand it, nor should you be concerned about their opinions. Remember; Do what’s best for YOU. Then again, a secret only maintains its power over you by continuing to be a secret. Do you really want to allow your infertility to get the best of you? Try to remember that it’s not your fault, and YES, it’s not fair. Most importantly, have faith. There’s always hope.